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Silmaril ROHAN: Mellon-Amroth

Long before Amroth wanted to stop running, his body forced him to. What had happened to his endurance? He felt weak, weary, vunerable.

Perhaps more had happened between his leap into the foam, and his arrival at Edoras, then he strictly remembered. Either way, he needed physical rest. In fact he needed to sleep... again. He shook his head, but the weariness would not be fought off. He slowed to a walk, and studied his surroundings. Were he in a forest, he would sleep in a tree. But this was an open plain. He had not cared about hiding his tracks, for he had not anticipated being off his guard.

He left the soft turf and walked on rocky terrain, til he found a stream, which he waded in for several hundred yards. Then he turned uphill, and followed a rocky ledge for a quarter mile. It ended in a rocky outcropping that offered shelter from the wind, and from prying eyes. He found the flattest spot and stretched full-length on the ground. Dismissing all other thoughts, he reached northward, searching for the familiar touch of her mind even as he slipped into dreams.
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