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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Looks great!

I was wondering: would it be kind of *off* for me to play an Ex-slave as my Major Character? It would be taking the only Major Character of that type, and it would mean I wouldn't have a Major character among the Gondorians...

Or, I can make it simple and just have my minor character be more of a major character.

So, just put me down for an Ex-slave minor character please. I've started working on my bios, so hopefully I'll have something very soon.

Unfortunately, I will be gone pretty much all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I might be able to get online on Sunday).

I was wondering, Child: What will your first post for the game cover? Because I was thinking that perhaps, if you were going to cover the stuff going on and Gondor, that I could write a post that would cover the stuff going on in Mordor (or vice-versa).

And that brings up another question: We are starting the game with the group from Gondor already hooked up with the Mordor group, right? Would the first post(s) be prologue-like, then, at least covering the Gondor group's being sent out and journey to Mordor?

The land around the volcano might also be fertile - but there would need to be some sytem put in place to bring water in for irrigation.
That raises some interesting possibilities, especially if there has at least been a slight increase in rainfall.
Might are final destination change? I can only imagine an irrigation system and man-orc colony at the foot of Mt. Doom... Would enough time have passed for the land to become very fertile, though? *shrugs* Worth looking at, I suppose.

One more Orc issue that needs ironing out.....are these the kind of Orcs that prefer night and are blinded by the light of the sun? Or are they the Uruk-hai?
Hmm...good question. I suppose the Orcs had to adapt to a new lifestyle once Sauron was destroyed, or does Sauron's darkness still linger there? It was dark there most of the time, wasn't it? And imagine it would at least be hazy from all the ash in the sky from the eruption of Mt. Doom. Hmmm... I'll have to come back to that one.

Have to head off pretty soon; I'll be back when I can.
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