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I'm very happy to find so many other fans of Prydain!... I entirely love it, as you may well imagine. It actually spurred me to read the Mabinogion, which was difficult and in which I found that Alexander had changed many things (which is all right since I love the books), but in which I was delighted to find that there really was a Flewddur Fflam, and that he's mentioned twice in lists of princes they called down to fight for them... So from that came his obscure yet royal status and his swordfighting and Alexander actually took an interest in that.... ahem. Boy, am I off topic. Sorry.
Does anybody like any of his other books? I'm a big fan of Prince Jen, myself, and I'm trying to find the Westmark books so I can reread them.

A new movie of The Last Unicorn????? (cheers loudly). I hope its as respectful of the book as the animated version, and what the heck, better (even though the other was very good.... why make more movies unless you improve them over time?)

I also really like Ursula K. LeGuin's Earthsea and Always Coming Home, and I very much enjoyed the first two books of Lewis's Space Trilogy (I've yet to read That Hideous Strength), and The Little Prince is just an incredible book, and, let's see, there's a million other things I can't think of of course............

Oh, yes, and Coleridge of course!

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