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Originally Posted by Tevildo
Whoops! I think Tollers is the "guilty party" who referred to the anonymous server in the Inn. I am careful about using someone else's particular character without checking first since I've made some blunders of this type before. . But using a character with a brief nod to their regular job is not a problem, and I can certainly do that, if it's better. Please let me know if I should briefly edit.
lol! Yes, you were one of the guilty party, but I'm not mad. Others have done it merely because that's how it's been done at the Green Dragon all this time - they would walk in and some unplayed character would tend to them.

Yes, it is good that you're careful about using other people's characters. I need to be more careful myself, actually, but we need to also be careful about not adding characters that aren't actually there. . .it's not too big of a problem, but I'd like to know all the people who work at the inn. But because an extra character who's not played by anyone would be convenient for times like this, I am seriously considering adding one. But it would be really nice to have all the inn personel played out by people.

You may need to briefly edit sometime, but don't do so yet.

Anyways, definitely don't change the general set up if it works well overall.
Okay. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

Any other opinions from any one else?

-- Folwren
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