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10. German influence-I don't know much German but I love languages, and being aquainted with so many peope world-wide is mind-boggling!

9. Avatars-Yep, they do say a lot!

8. Message icons-Gosh, I always forget those...

7. Signatures- That's for sure!

6. The T-Shirt Contest-I've never entered it....

5. Diversity-Yes, I agree totally with this one.

4. Tweediness and depth of knowledge-I totally agree with this one as well.

3. Strict rules of conduct- Sadly, the new rules are absolutely necessary. The last thing we need is for the Barrow Downs to be over-run with teenage Legolas lovers. (For the record, I do like Legoas, and I am a teenager.)

2. The head honcho- 2 thumbs up. (more if I had more)

1. Wit- [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] that's for sure!
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