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I'm really enjoying reading everyone's dreams! I especially enjoy the image of Saruman with a bag of toilet paper rolls!! And why am I not surprised, Star Jewel, that your elf was named Cuthalion? [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

I figured it would be safe to air my dream on here, even though it isn't LOTR (it features Elijah Wood, however, so that's my link and I'm sticking to it!). This dream has lent a creepy feeling to my mood all day, so I figured I had better write it somewhere, or I'll just keep feeling creepy. Anyway,

I am in a gray room with lots of metalwork and exposed plumbing and a bunch of people I know, among them Elijah Wood, who I talk to. (Can't remember what I said). I took a bath in the tub and fell asleep. Woke up next morning missing shirt and shoes. Hunted for shoes and found a bazaar with all sorts that didn't suit me at all (too delicately made: silk and satin stuff.) Elijah shows back up and asks if I need help. I ask him for a shirt. He goes into a room and pulls out a shirt from a stash of his, and the shirt is yellow with prominent black writing on it: "I am wearing Elijah Wood's T-Shirt". I notice just then that I have a straight pin sticking quite far into my forehead and I pull it out. I leave quickly, wearing the Elijah shirt and have a distinct feeling Elijah had plans to kill me and chop me up into little pieces. I wake up feeling VERY creeped out.

OK, it had nothing to do with LOTR, but I've often thought Elijah should play a crazed murderer. Maybe its the eyes. Now I'm convinced!

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