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Well, unfortunately, I usually can't remember all of my dreams, but I do remember a few LotR related ones.
In the first one, my friend(who is also a huge LotR fan) and I were tracking Gollum through the woods, and finally caught up with him at this pool, where he was fishing. Then, we started chasing him through the pool, swimming after him and all, because we really needed him to show us how to get to Mordor. Then I realized that I was the ring-bearer, and if we didn't catch Gollum, we wouldn't get to Mordor, and Sauron would rule ME.

Then I had one around 2 weeks ago where I was Arwen, and just as I was about to marry Aragorn, he was about to kiss me, and I woke up.

The next night, I dreamed I was another elf in ME, and was riding a horse and being chased by other riders. Anyways, I finally lost them, jumped off the horse and sent him home, and went off into the woods. I went across a field to meet the most gorgeous elf guy ever. He had dark brown hair, and really dark eyes, and was incredibly handsome. Apparantly we were in love, and somehow I knew that the riders that were chasing me had something to do with that, and didn't want us to see each other, and so we were meeting in secret. He told me that he would always love me, no matter what. I wish I would have more dreams like that, so I could find out the rest of my story, who I was, and who I was in love with. And why I was being chased.
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