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Just when I thought I had a hang of this game, you guys start messing with my head again. Mostly just the mats though.
Originally Posted by Legate
Wait, this does not make any sense. If the WWs had targeted McCaber on Night 1, he would have died on Night 2. But he died only on Night 3. Like, I can imagine a situation where the WWs would intentionally forgo the first kill in order to make Lottie look good (it's about the only "conspiracy theory" scheme I really consider possible at all so far, but that's also one extra reason for me to entrust Lottie with the vote so far as she seems trustworthy).
You're right, my bad. But it doesn't sound very likely that the wolves would skip their first kill just for funsies, does it? Well, if they did, it was rather brilliant. But I'm not really considering that. Not now.

Originally Posted by Kuru
Legate is likely innocent (and at this point in the game, pretty much has to be treated as one) because he was the first to publically advocate the risky and controversial plan of Not Lynching. He stuck to his guns on this point and the plan is/was a tactically and strategically sound one given the parameters of this game. If you want further explanation of why this is so, please go back and review our posts on the subject as I really don’t want to rehash the whole thing here.
I agree he's most likely innocent, but you being so adamant about it makes me think that if you don't succumb to the black breath and there's no clear indication of a save, Legate should be definitely looked at too. This (and the totally unnecessary follow up in #193) is exactly the kind of patting on the back that's weirding me out in this game. But it's a bit pointless to speculate that toDay as your fate remains to be seen (okay, that sounded cold, I was just playing an rpg with a ruthless bounty hunter character and maybe the attitude stuck ) and Legate is hardly a primary problem toDay for the reasons you mention.

Originally Posted by Boro
The weekend snuck up and smacked me hard. But I promise I'm only mostly dead, which means I'm slightly alive. I just need a miracle to figure out what the heck has happened in the last 1.5-2 days. (No this isn't a counter to Kuru'a black breath, the weekend thoroughly tried to kill me...but not dead enough!)
*waves* Good to have you back! At least for the time being.

Shasta's advocating for a no lynch, huh? That doesn't sound very good to me. Like it sounds stupid (and boring), and doesn't make me think better of Shasta either.

++Lottie for rep

edit: xed with "198 and everything onwards
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