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Sting Should I read the books before I see the movies?

Ok, after I saw the movie, I immadiatly dove into the books, but I lost intrest in the Fellowship, and went straight into the trials of Sam and Frodo. Do you think that was a bad idea? Cause now I'm lost! I read the end of the ROTK again, and I am totally clueless! Should I wait for the movie and be surprized, or should I bite the bullet and read it? I must confess, the only character I enjoy reading about, is Frodo. So, call me pathetic, cause I am! And doesn't he look sweet in this pic???

But, seriously, what do you guys say to my question???

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FRODO: *all low and retarded* Oh Mr. Frodo, do you have any more food? Here eat mine, Iím so fat. How about I carry the ring for you. Itís soooo pretty, I mean heavy!
SAM: Why you little-!
FRODO: You asked for it!
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