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When Eodwine rose and prepared himself for the day, it seemed to him that the ruin was less ominous somehow in the new day's sunlight.

As he walked about, it seemed to him that his folk (it still seemed strange to call them that) were already busy about their tasks, and seemed to be happy to be in Scarburg. That was a relief to him.

Today Falco would be leaving them, and it was important to make sure that everything went well in that regard; and Harreld's smithy would have to be built today; but there was a more pressing matter. Some unfinished business needed to be taken care of.

Eodwine found Rowenna near the baker, helping with preparations for breakfast.

"Rowenna, a word. Come with me."

She looked up, her eyes widening. Her brow furrowed. "I must tell Frodides."

"Aye. Do that. I will wait."

Rowenna nodded and went to Frodides and explained with gestures toward himself. Frodides' hands went to her hips with a look and roll of the head and set of the body's frame that said, "that man!" Then she nodded and said something brisk and not so cross, which Eodwine took to mean "hurry back when he's done with you."

Soon Rowenna had returned and watched him expectantly.

"Come with me."

Eodwine walked briskly to a point halfway between the baker of and the ruin, where not much was happening. He turned and faced her.

"Rowenna, you asked me a question that I did not answer last night." She said nothing but swallowed, her face all seriousness with not a little worry. "You asked me what I seek in a wife. I will tell you. I seek a woman who can give me an heir, will obey her lord, will rule her maids and servants with justice and mercy, will host my guests with graciousness, and above all-" he paused. "Above all, Rowenna, she must be one who cares for those of my house as if they were her very own kin. Such a woman I seek for a wife. I hope I do not seek in vain. However, I will take no less a wife than that. Are you answered?"

She looked at him and did not flinch from the way he was holding her with his eyes. "Aye, lord, I am answered."

"Good. You may return to your work."

She left him. He wondered what she would do with that news. He had meant it to be daunting. Last night she had named her ambition. Now she knew what it would take to achieve it. He wondered what to expect. Time would tell. And he hoped that she noticed that he had not named a single trait of bodily appearance.

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