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Erbrand was much relieved at Dan's response, he had heard of the Dr˙edain in his hometown of Aldburg as well as the Dunlendings, who he was taught to fear. Erbrand's face turned from fear to wonder, Dan spoke the common speech with ease, but Erbrand could still catch a slight accent in his voice.

"OK, so that is what I am, one of the last of my race still living in our homeland. And what about you Erbrand?" Dan asked, "I can tell you have only ridden here in the last day or two, and what is your business in this place?"

"I'm a leather craftsman from the town of Aldburg." he responded feeling more at ease, "I hope to work for the lord Eodwine when his hall is rebuilt, but until I can put my craft to use I will first help with rebuilding the hall." Erbrand surveyed the ruins of the building.

"Well, it was nice to meet anyhow, Dan." Erbrand said at length, "I still reckon I'll see you today, and perhaps we can talk more tonight, I have some questions to ask you about your homeland." Erbrand waved farewell and walked back towards his tent.

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