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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
It was morning. Horrible, bright, bitter morning. It seemed that so many other mornings had dawned just like this one - unkind, unfriendly, unwanted.

While all the rest of the earth rejoiced in new found strength after a night of peace and rest, Saeryn and her horse went on with weary, stumbling steps. They had not slept. They had not rested. They had only pressed on for mile after mile. The darkness had veiled them from unfriendly eyes and the moon shone kind, cool rays to light their road, opposed to the hot, fierce light of the sun.

But now the sun was back. The day would heat up quickly, and unless they came to water soon, or to the eorl’s new land, Saeryn was sure either her horse or herself would collapse for want of drink.

How was she going to explain herself? Not only her sudden, unexpected arrival, but also her condition, her appearance, and where she had been for the past month. She didn’t know.

The road made a bend up ahead into some trees. Her horse pricked up his ears and lifted his head a little. Extra life came into his step and he quickened the pace. Saeryn lifted her head as they entered the shadow of the first trees and then sat up straighter when she saw the crooked gate. Just as she passed through it, Saeryn drew rein and stopped.

She looked down the incline before her, viewing the burnt ruins of the hall and the tents, baker, and the rest of the camp. Disbelief filled her face. How could this possibly be the Eorl’s new holding? But there they all were. She could see figures walking about, their day already begun.

Her horse caught sight of the other horses before she did. He raised his head and whinnied loudly. Some of the horses below raised their heads from their hay and whinnied back, briefly, before returning to their breakfast.

Saeryn shook her head slowly and allowed her horse to go forward again, starting down the incline towards the encampment.

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