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Boots Werewolf CXII - Dueling Wizards III - The Dead Thread

Hey! Look at that, I managed to get the number and all other relevant information in both thread titles! Go me!

This is the Dead Thread for Werewolf CXII - Dueling Wizards III.

Is that enough Roman numerals for you?

If you are a Living player, i.e. you have not been announced or listed as Dead in various ways in one of my closing or opening game narrations, then this is not the thread for you!!!

Reading further constitutes cheating.

If you are Dead, then this is the thread for you.

In you go.



Dead players may read this entire thread and continue to read the main game thread. You may, however, only post here. You may post here NIGHT and DAY. By DAY, after there are two residents here, you may vote for a Living Player to be given a double vote for that DAY's lynch. The Living Player will not know of this until after the fact, but it will be clearly stated in the post-DAY narration who had their vote doubled.

Every NIGHT after there are two residents here you may vote for me to reveal the alignment of one dead player which I will state as PREDATOR or PREY.

The deadline is 8:00 PM US Eastern.

Participation is optional.

As in the Living Thread, ties result in nothing happening.

And...if you ARE still alive, stop it. You will live in shame for the rest of your days if you cheat and you know it!

The Dead
many names will be here soon
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