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I have reset the date of the game to Fourth Age, year 19.

The length of the game in game terms is 50 days: 20 days for the journey and 30 days to begin planting, building shelters, dealing with water retention, etc. I used the figures from Fonstad to calculate how far we would get in a day (see notes in the proposal).

At the end of the 30 days, the little plants should begin to stick their heads above the soil.

I've listed the time commitment as 12 weeks. Is this ok with everyone?

I also prefer The Fellowship of the Fourth Age: a New Beginning. I think the other is a great title, but is a little too light hearted for this story, plus it's quite possible some characters may be staying in Mordor and not going "back" again, at least not for a spell.

I'll get back with a revised character list to both of you by pm. I've had additional contact with some posters.
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