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Eoghan and Ruari

“I’m Eoghan,” the lad responded.

“And I’m Ruari. Lord Eodwine’s our father.”

“We brought you some water,” Eoghan said as they placed the bucket down before her.

They stood for a moment surveying her from head to foot, grinning a little. When they spoke again, they both spoke at once.

“Are you older or younger than Léof?” Ruari asked, and Eoghan said, “Léof is going to teach me to ride.”

There was a short pause, and Ruari looked at Eoghan and then back at Cerwyn. “Me, too!” she said. Eoghan turned his head to her.

“Not so! You haven’t asked Papa.”

Ruari tossed her head, deciding that moment that she would ask him as soon as they were through here. She turned back to Cerwyn and smiled conspiratorially.



No one had looked in on Wilheard. Saeryn nodded. “Ledwyn, would you mind very much going in and seeing if he needs anything? I would, but I have a matter I would speak about with Eodwine.”

“Certainly,” Ledwyn agreed.

“Take him more tea if nothing else,” Saeryn said as she departed from the kitchen.

Eodwine still stood by the table. Thornden was in discussion with him, but when he saw Saeryn approaching, he drew away.

“Eodwine, I need to talk to you, concerning Léof’s sister.” She sat down in the chair by his and he resumed his seat. She faced him, and leaned in slightly, resting her arm on the table and folding her hands together.

“Cerwyn did not just come here to find Léof. She came because she was frightened to stay at home any longer. She believes that her father has intentions of marrying her to any one of his numerous friends. She has no desire to be married, and from the description of the men whom her father has found for her, I do not blame her. She received permission to go to Edoras, it seemed, and instead of going there, she traveled on and came here instead. She said she did not believe she would find opportunity to leave home again before it was too late.

“I fear for her safety, Eodwine. If she is sent back, I do not think her father will treat her well. Once she is back with him, he will not soon allow her out of his sight again, and he may well seal her marriage to someone old enough to be her own father.”
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