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This is a good question. We haven't discussed this recently, but this is what I recall.

First, we will do a time condense leap at the start of the game. One problem in many rpgs is that they take a long time for characters to get on the trail and for the different groups to meet up. We've had so many games get bogged down, and we wanted to avoid that, since the focus of this story should be on events in Mordor.

After our first posts are up but before the game officially opens, I will supply a time condense post getting the Fellowship all the way to the Sea of Núrnen. The fellowship will arrive after the two-month deadline that the slaves set. My guess is that Durelin will do a similar post for the slaves stating that they waited 2 months and, when no one came, they set out on their own.

This is what I envisioned for the second post---the point where we start active posting....

1. The Fellowship arrives at the empty caves and looks on in shock. They decide to go forward and attempt to find the slaves.

2. After waiting a full two months, the slaves have already set out to the north, downhearted to have received no help.

3. The Orcs gather at their separate meeting point and then decide to head north on a path that will eventually bring them into a collision course with the slaves/fellowship. Obviously they don't know this!

The fellowship and slaves should meet up quickly (real and game time) , since the fellowship has horses. My hope is that we will have the two groups (Orcs versus slaves/fellowship) come together in the first two weeks of the story. We can discuss that later.

So the short answer, Hilde, would be that you may not have to worry where the Fellowship meets! If you need information, just assume it is at the royal palace, and that Elessar supplies horses and all equipment beyond the personal things that you carry.

Pio, Durelin - was this also your understanding? If I've got it wrong, please advise so we can straighten things out. Does anyone see a problem?

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