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mm-m-m, hard one, that, Perky, you know it.

May it be a Ring (Ruling Ring, Ring of Power)
  • Brought from the outlaw - brought from Gollum, who, being yet a Smeagol, was outlawed by his family.
  • Bound to the friend of he who pours - he who pours would be Morgoth here - that is, who pours (or used to) his power into the very matter of the world. The Ring is bound to 'his friend' - Sauron
  • Bringer of the messanger - by implication, the Ring brought Sauron's messanger to Dain Ironfoot.
  • Bringer of the Bringer etc... The ring brought its bringer (Frodo) adn its another bringer (Gollum) to Mount Doom, where Gollum's actions brough small one's (Frodo again) safety - not physically, but on spiritual level - releasing him from the Ring itself

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