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"I do not know. I have not brooched this topic with any of the Ulfang lords. But we will never know till we try. What say you? Do you think this is an idea worth pursuing?" Khandr ended and looked at the party questioningly.

Well, there's the difference between a lord and a retainer... One thinks big and the other one doesn't. One thinks of Great Hunting parties involving everyone around while the other thinks of some petty servants drunken in some shadowy Inn as he doesn't wish to see anyone of rank face to face... Fastarr shook his head and smiled openly to his own thoughts. Soon he noticed his lord's gaze on him and was embarrassed as he clearly understood how Khandr might have interpreted his expressions. Khandr needed not to stage the question.

"Oh, Khandr, I do hope you excuse me my lord. I was just laughing to the narrow-mindedness of my own thought... That was an excellent idea and you'll have my backing for it. But when would that take place?" Fastarr tried to evade any overall attention to himself as he was not used to it and felt it a bit awkward in general, not to say when he had been caught behaving in a way inappropriate to his stature among the kinsmen.

"The day after tomorrow the earliest. We couldn't possibly make the arrangements for tomorrow and if these Ulfings have any decency they'll throw a party in honour of the Elven embassadors tomorrow anyway", Khandr replied and looked at Fastarr quizzically.

"So this pathetic village is getting into a festive season, then?" It was Hugo who had come to clear the table from the dishes of the last courses, bustling about the visitors.

"Some hot honeyed-wine perhaps? And some cookies too?" Fastarr asked Hugo as he was collecting the last plates from beside his shoulder. Khandr nodded and Hugo went his way to fulfill the request.

There was a moment of silence around the table as everyone seemed to be chewing the things that had been said. Fastarr felt again that he was not able to hold his tongue. Have I drank too much or have the others had too little? Just too many things going around in my head...So he opened his mouth again.

"If we wish to have all the options open here, would there then be any believable cause for which you could send me as your caretaker to meet one of the brothers, my lord? I'm ready to do it if you wish and if I have the cover of an official mission by you." Fastarr glanced around and continued.

"I understand it's your duty to inform Ulfang himself of your intentions regarding the staging of the Great Hunt, but maybe I should be sent by you to approach one of the brothers with some details concerning the arrangements afterwards? I could then at least try to sneak out something as we could easily speak of the ambassadors and all that has followed then while dealing with the bussiness."

Fastarr looked at Khandr and emptied his goblet.
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