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Welcome to the Barrow-Downs, Merrymatt!

I truly wish you luck in getting an RPG off the ground. When I revised the rules of this forum several years ago to make RPGs more user friendly, there appeared to still be interest in gaming, but little has happened since.

RPGs are a great exercise in creativity and cooperative writing. Your premise is very interesting. Tracking a caravan from the Lonely Mountain and Dale to the Shire at a time when things were just beginning to get dark could be fun. Imagine negotiating tariffs with the Beornings. Dealing with the Elves and the spiders (assuming they had not been driven off or were returning) in Mirkwood. Crossing the Anduin, a matter that JRRT avoided in the Hobbit by using the eagles. Traversing the Misty Mountains. Lots of room for creativity here.

I hope that you can generate some interest.
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