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Caught in the act...

Is the text, the beloved, always "she"?
It was a slip of the tongue. I usually write 'he/she' in situations similar, but it was an itch on my fingertips to be delivered to you through my keyboard which made me somewhat less observant in the case.

Thread hovering somewhere in the back of my head with something approaching the 'is LoTR as text He or She' title

(On second thought, though, I would probably be pro-she-er, if ever such a thread comes around . )

Psst, the English is not "suspence of disbelief"--sadly, as your phrase is quite wonderful in itself-- but "suspension of belief")
Since I'm caught red-handed (red-fingertipped?), I would let it stand. Let it be an appeal for me and all of us (we know who we are) whose writing turns out impulsive rather than thoughtful at times, to, once the steam is let off, review the artefact produced with more care

(blimey, I thought it was suspence, I did. Probably mixed up with sixpense, raising the price of my post thrice)
Egroeg Ihkhsal

- Would you believe in the love at first sight?
- Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time!

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