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Athaniel has just left Hobbiton.

Hello, my name is Athaniel. I registerd yesterday. I am presently doing a Diploma as a translator and interpreter. Before that I did an M. A. Degree in History and Philosophy. When I was forteen I read LOTR for the first time. I got the English original this Christmas. Although the translation was very good, you cannot beat the original. I am wondering whether any of you have seen the movies? Since I heard about the films I felt reluctant to go, because I did not want my imagination being populated by the characters of the film. Also I heard that much was changed and I found many characters unfitting when watching a magazine on the making of the movies. But what really convinced me not to go was the statement by Tolkien's biographer M. White that Tolkien himself would have hated the film. What do you think?
I hope we are going to have some nice conservations.
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