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*Hands Nilp a cookie and a dream for studying French*

I dreamt that Lhuna and Nilp were both sitting at a large wooden desk together. Nilp was frantically working - I can't remember whether it was on a piece of paper or a laptop - on the right hand side. Lhuna, on the other hand, had a computer out, but was instead playing a ball game with it. With, not on. She was somehow guiding a yellow ball along the top of the computer, and aiming to get it on top of a laptop far out of her reach. I think she was doing it all psychokinetically.

Later, Nilp became Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. He invented a parachute, then launched himself into an icy ravine. Unfortunately, he forgot to account for the power of wind in his equations, and ended up being blown against the rocky sides of the ravine.

Even later, Dexter became me. So my subconscience was telling me, in a roundabout way, that Nilpaurion Felagund = the guy who be short.
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