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Alas for school and poor memory, so that I was unable to post this until many hours - over 40 - after 'twas dreamt.

The was a Fea, and verily did she come to England. I was a little surprised to suddenly find out that she was staying with me, but it was fine, so I went to pick her up.

On the way back to my house, Fea got off our bus because she was ill. For some reason, instead of going with her to help, I stayed on the bus and told her to get the next one, leaving her puking in a new country.

When I got home, I realised she wasn't coming back. I pulled out a piece of paper and emailed her - I don't know how I expected this to help. I took a look at the phone number and groaned - tricky as she was, she hadn't given me her real number. I should have guessed by the "square root of three" in it.

This is where the dream becomes hazy. We reunited somehow, and something happened with her passport and possibly nurses. Then we went to tourist attractions together
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