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I am king Eleassar!!

Or so I dreamt of last night. It was a really odd dream as it involved some LoTR, some Werewolf and some oddities that do not belong to either Tolkien's work nor this lovely forum.

I was the King, but oddly enough my "palace" was... my bedroom... (why can't I have cool dreams? would have been too hard to dream of Gondor?) and I was worried because I could not find that darned wolf!! I knew it was out there, I knew it was someone from my city... but I was the King, the people were looking at me for guidance and I had no idea!! it was so stressing!! I remember arguing with some people I have never met (so I guess it could have been you all). Then I woke up.

I wonder if this dream meant that I'm somewhat of a bossy yet useless human being.... (King that does not what to do) or maybe it means that... I should NOT get my name down for the next werewolf game to be started.
I prepared Explosive Runes this morning.
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