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Pitchwife is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Pitchwife is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Pitchwife is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Pitchwife is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
Question Other Dream Mithology and London Traffic

I had a Barrow Downs dream last night and another about a week ago which I haven't posted yet.

In the first one I was driving a rented car through London (a feat I'd be very reluctant to attempt in real life, as I hate having to manúuver in city traffic) en route from hotel to airport. Naturally I got lost and found myself in a backstreet with no idea how to get to the airport. A car in front of me turned right into a garage (this city was obviously only dream!London, as we were all driving on the continental side of the street), and just as I was passing it some people got out and I recognized Hookbill and Kath among them (the rest were unfamiliar). I stopped, tyres screeching, and we had a joyful surprise meeting. Right then I remembered that I had forgotten half my luggage at the hotel, but Hook and Kath were very sweet and helpful and informed the airport that I was going to be late while I phoned the hotel and convinced them to send the luggage directly to the airport. Unfortunately I woke up before we'd had much time to talk.

The other dream occurred tonight and involved Mithadan, whom I've never met nor interacted with a lot on the Downs. He contacted me because my wife's aunt, of all people, was to give a TV or radio presentation about Tolkien. Since Auntie has hitherto shown little interest in the Professor's work, Mith suggested the two of us ghostwrite it for her. We met at someone else's conspiratorial flat, and Mith, who looked a bit like a Beat poet and a bit like a defrocked priest, informed me we would have to do some original research at a nearby church/castle. Exploring it, we discovered a system of secret passages which kept narrowing until we could only squeeze through sideways, walking like Egyptians. Just as we finally reached a wide open hall my alarm clock rung.
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