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Originally Posted by Enw View Post
What's your character's name?

In any case, I agree. I think the Shire and Breeland are really well done, especially when you're at the appropriate level - I won't spoil anything, but I was also really impressed with the Barrow-Downs.

As a F2P player (and also someone who hasn't sunk that much time into the game), I decided try not to level up too fast (and therefore make the free areas boring/unplayable), so I'm only level 33 on my main character (and I don't think I bothered transferring the others). And yes, your race does determine starting location.
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I'm F2P too. If I get to liking the game enough, I might consider paying for it if there is anything tantalising behind a paywall. It would be interesting to start as another race, but I'm pretty happy with my current character. It seems that you could really play for quite a long time before you would have to pay for anything.
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