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I would object neither Thuringwethil herself, as her death isn't explicitly mentioned by Tolkien, or failing that some kind of relation...Thuringwethil's godfather's cousin or something...

First posts would be brilliant, yes.

My character description is ready but I can't post it till Sunday night or Monday-it's on my school laptop and I'm at home.

Mith and Naria have both expressed an interest in this game. Mith is angling to be an elven page to my Envoy, a role I'm happy to create ad hoc...

Child, it would be great to have you as a Borrim hunter, if you'd like.

Very exciting, all this, and not a little alarming!

Durelin, the game proper will end with the Ulfings, and the rest of Caranthir, Amrod and Amras' armies, marching north. An epilogue will however be compiled by us all explaining what happened to all our luckless characters in the Nirnaeth. In fact I know more about my character's death at the moment than I do about his birth!
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