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Originally Posted by mark12_30
I'm glad you like the idea of Avarwen (Avarien? Still not quite decided.)
I would prefer Avarien. "-wen" endings seem a bit overkill on the Downs.

Originally Posted by mark
Question: How long has Marigold been dwelling in the Anduin delta? Just curious. Seems like the elves might have heard a rumor of her being there unless she's recently arrived from elsewhere. (Where elsewhere? I dunno. Depths of Fangorn maybe? Remote corner of Ithilien? Just thrashing, don't mind me.) So anyway, do some of the elves know about her or is she always a complete surprise? And has she been hiding from elves? Tharonwe didnt know about her, did he? And he's been in the swamp for how long?
She has been there for (almost) as long as Tom Bombadil and Goldberry have been where they are. She has not usually manifested herself as the young seeming maiden that has grown upon Erebemlin's awareness. Oft-times she has taken the shape of a current of water, perhaps for thousands of years, being a water Maia (so I personally consider Tom an Earth Maia and Goldberry a Water Maia). So some elves might supposedly have heard of her, but she has had very, very little to do with the affairs of elves or Men. Not all Maia who choose to dwell in Arda concern themselves at all times (maybe hardly ever) with bipedal affairs. Tharonwe knew nothing of her. He's been in the swamp for a few centuries, corresponding with the loss of Nimrodel. So the upshot is that Marigold is "home" in the Entwash Delta region; it is her realm as the Barrows are Tom's. That is, at any rate, how I have set it up. Hope it works.
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