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As Eodwine and the others were rising from their noontime ale-bench, Crabannan appeared nearby, walking slowly amongst the scattered tents. His face wore its customary solemn expression, dark eyes shadowed by dark brows and mouth forming a slight frown. It took him a moment to notice the group, as he craned his head this way that, evidently looking for someone or something. However, when he realized that they were looking at him, he came to an abrupt halt.

In fact, he had been looking for Javan, but without success, and so had proceeded to follow the trailing wisps of smoke back to the kitchen; he was hungry again. He wondered how long he would be able to come and go as he pleased, unnoticed and free of responsibility. The longer the better, he thought. No sense in binding yourself down; it'll only make it all the harder when you have to move again. And that would doubtless be sooner, rather than later, he felt sure, though the thought dampened his spirits. This surprised him.

They had noticed him first, and they now stood about the table with surprise, all staring at this stranger. He was too tall for a Dunlending, but too dark for a man of Rohan. He was clad in worn garments and tall boots, and was very grave of expression - apart from a glint in his dark eyes. It could have been anything, but it struck some of those standing there as dangerous.

Crabannan stepped forward and lifted his hand in greeting, trying to look more confident and at ease than he felt. He made an effort not to glower.

"Good day...I was looking for the lad Javan. He's a friend of mine. Do you know him?"

Perhaps they would just point him in the right direction and assume that he was one of the settlers. No, he thought. I couldn't pass for a Rohir with any amount of luck.

In the ensuing several seconds, as he awaited a response, he surveyed the group. They were all strangers to him, though he felt he might have noticed one or two about the camp earlier that day. One fellow was still sitting at the bench, head on the table, hand on his mug. Crabannan smiled. Of the others, none stood out to him immediately - save one, the first to rise, who was taller than the rest and had an air of authority in his glance, which Crabannan caught for a moment. Then it dawned on him in a flash of realization. Eodwine, Crabannan thought. I'll wager that's him.

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