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Léof shot Eoghan a look that was only half-scolding, since he had caught his own mistake so quickly. “Next time try to remember not to shout before you do it,” he said mildly. “Now let’s leave Cinderfoot in peace and go to our own breakfasts.”

As they walked out of the stable, Léof considered Eoghan’s question: Is there a horse I can ride? Most of the horses in the stables belonged to individuals and would need their owners’ consent for others to take them out. He wondered if Eodwine and Saeryn might be thinking of getting a pony or a small horse for the twins to learn on. In the meantime, Léof supposed Eoghan might try riding his own mare Æthel, a rather small middle-aged horse. She had always been good-natured and had steadied even more after mothering a couple of foals.

He nearly suggested a ride that afternoon but paused when they stepped outside and he saw the overcast sky. “Maybe when the weather clears up, I’ll let you try riding my horse,” he said instead. “I think you two might get along.”
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