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I have a LIFE [i think [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]],but I'm afraid I have a double life on the BD to! Let's see:

10. You have written enough private messages to various illustrious members of the forum to compile a not-so-short novel (((Almost!))).

9. A naughty pastime of yours is the Freudian interprepations of message icons, shared with other members.

8. You say "screw it" (((For me it's "crapiness"))) to searching for sources for your latest paper, and begin searching for a cool new avatar instead.

7. You turn down a second date with a punnery "expert," because his skills do not quite match those of Rimbaud.

6. "Green is good," you say to yourself during those dim moments before waking and sleeping, and think of the Barrow-Wight.

5. You actually spend a sizeable portion of your bus ride to class wondering what Mithadan (((EVERYONE)))! looks like.

4. You have a history of broken off betrothals to at least one famous site member (there could be more, but your memory is sometimes, *er*, lacking).

3. You no longer fear burra (sorry, burra)...Well, you respect burra.

And, the number one sign you're addicted to the Barrow-Downs:

1. Before the shower, before checking the weather, before the obligatory screaming across the hall at the neighbours to turn their -------country music down, the first thing you do in the morning is sign in and check whatever pearls of wisdom and humour were posted over the night.

:Jumps Up and Down:
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