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wow- 100% on brinniel's and about 80% on manardariel's!

on the other hand a lot of you are much worse (or better!) and i'm not sure if i'm happy or not. i'm kind of used to being known as a lotr freak, and here i'm nothing! not even a ghost prince!

here's probably a unique one:
#you look through your desktop calender and write a quote matching the picture in your diary everyday!#

#you lie in bed at night planning scenarios/future posts for RPGs or trying to get the tricky quiz question#

#the day before your mock exams start you sit in front of your computer with a growing realisation that, yes, you really ARE addicted to the BD!#

#you know that the day before your actual exam you will still be checking whats going on, even though you know you need the grades to get to uni. why can't they do lotr studies, thats what i want to know?#

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