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Wow, Sauce! I was planning on doing something like this but my stat gathering kinda got a little stalled. I'll add to this site soon. Thanks for making it!

But as to my own stats:

Games I was in: IV, VI, VII, VIII, XII, XIII, XVIII, WWJ5

Number of games: 8
Modded: 0
Ordinary Villager: 5
Werewolf Hunter: 0
Ranger: 1
Shirriff: 1
Cobbler: 0
Werewolf: 1

On winning team: 4 of 8
On losing tem: 4 of 8
Survived to end: 1
Lynched: 1 (as a werewolf)
Killed by Wolves/Heroes: 5

Wow! Just once I survived to the end!
Wow! I've played more of these than I thought!

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