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Thinlómien’s character:


AGE: 194 years

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: Ori's old broad-bladed axe is simple and well made. He also carries two knives made by himself, one being about seven inches long and the other barely three inches but very sharp. These are designed to be tools more than weapons, though.

APPEARANCE: Ori's hair and beard used to be yellow, but partial greying has turned them into a dirty, unflattering colour. His eyes are brown with a hint of green. He's of average height and thin but strongly built. Despite his wealth, Ori prefers wearing simple clothes, although he has a soft spot for silver embroidery. He is most often seen in a grey cloak and a black or brown tunic. Even though he aknowledges its utility, Ori dislikes his chain mail and doesn't wear armour unless it's absolutely necessary.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Ori has always been rather quiet and reserved and has become a little grumpy as he has got older. Ori is not friendly, but he treats his friends well and is loyal to them. He is not easily angered, but his hatred is deep. He is often able to keep his calm while others are too grieved or furious to think rationally. He has never been particularily ambitious or greedy, but enjoys all the amenities wealth and fame have brought him. He values simplicity in life more than most other Dwarves yet still delights in objects of beauty and possessing them. As a craftsman, Ori is an ironsmith and his works reflect his values: they are simple yet beautiful.

Traveling has given Ori special skills and experiences that are not very common amongst his people: he has some idea how to survive in the wild and he is used to being content with very little. He is good with his trusted axe although he has never indentified himself as a warrior, and he is handy with a knife, thanks to his nimble fingers. Ori is a learned man and has an interest in history. Going through old documents, he has come across the Elvish script and seeing it as a more practical and aesthetic way of writing, he has adopted it and used it ever since. Another special skill of Ori's is playing the flute.

Ori is not socially gifted nor empathetic and he often loses patience with people who don't understand him or think too differently from how he does. Like any Dwarf, he is too easily motivated by greed or vengeance. He is also easily suspicious or envious of other people, and although he is not proud, he dislikes admitting his mistakes or apologising. Ori has always been rather uncomfortable around women and does not like them. He believes them to be inferior to men and doesn't take them seriously.

HISTORY: Ori was born in the early spring of year 2800 as the eldest son of an ironsmith. Soon he got younger twin brothers, Dori and Nori. All the three were brought up to their father's profession and while they did well enough in it, they never developed a particular interest in it. They never had a particularily warm relationship with their father anyway, as he was a strong supporter of Thráin's but mistrusted Thorin, who was much revered by Ori, Dori and Nori. It was indeed partly because of their will to prove their old father wrong that they joined the quest of Erebor.

The quest of Erebor became the turning point of Ori's life. It forced Ori to look at life differently and it made him and his brothers move to Erebor, and also suddenly made them rich men. There was no need for iron-working anymore unless they desired it. After the reconstruction of the Kingdom under the Mountain, iron-working did become a mere pastime to Ori, and he focused on books and ancient records in which he had lately taken interest. His life was happy, and as he grew older he started to wonder if that was how he'd spend the rest of his life.

But life had one more adventure in store for him. His old friend Balin started talking about the recolonisation of Moria, and by 2989 he was leaving. Even though his brothers were objecting, Ori decided to go with him. His loyalty to Balin was deep, and the old records he had gone through had awakened in him a great desire to see the great Khazad-dûm and help to rebuild it to reach its glory of old.



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