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Originally Posted by Lalwendë View Post
Anyway...what brought me back onto this thread was a memory of Tolkien's friendship with one of the Inklings who was apparently keen on the Golden Dawn occult 'movement' and for the life of me, I can't remember which one it was.... However, such topics must have been amongst those discussed amongst them?
Charles Williams was a member of the Golden Dawn, & Lewis had apparently been interested in the 'occult' as a young man. Williams was always a bit of an odd cove, as a reading of some of his letters will reveal (he had a bit of a sadistic streak, as anyone who has read his letters to Lois Lang-Sims will be aware). I can understand why Tolkien didn't get along with him. Back on topic though, anyone interested in Tolkien's take on this subject might find Notion Club Papers worth a look.
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