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HI Calendar

I can't tell you how pleased I am with both of your comments. I had thought it an excellent production (from the artwork to the SR format to the production) but was wondering what the buyers would think. The responses here, in other forums, and from several buyers that I know have all been most positive. I hope that it brings you enjoyment all year through.

We do intend to do this again next year. I have one illustrator lined up already. We should be able to get next year's out earlier. The thought to do it only came in the last week of October this year. I think the quality of it speaks much of the efforts of the team that put it together. And we are certainly in the debt of the illustrators (Ted, Jef, and Catherine) who gave us permission to use their works and hi-res files to print from.

Thank you for your support of HI. I am certain that this calendar was a bit (around US$10) more expensive than the HarperCollins Tolkien calendar. But it is rather unique and everything above the printing and postage costs will keep their website and journal going in 2008.

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