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I see no reason why Celebrimbor might not have been in Gondolin following the Sack of Nargothrond, unless there is some unrecalled text telling of his whereabouts elsewhere.

We know that some Elves of Nargothrond were taken captive by the sacking army and presumbably made prisoners of Morgoth. But others apparently fled to Doriath. That some sought out the Hidden City is reasonable. Surely at least Celebrimbor should not be thought of as dwelling with his father and the other Fëanorians during their final grim deeds.

The first line of The Elessar need only be changed to &quot;There was in Gondolin a jewel-smith named Celebrimbor of Nargothrond, son of Curufin son of Fëanor, the greatest of that craft among the Noldor after the death of Fëanor.&quot; Later occurrences of &quot;Enerdhil&quot; can be changed to &quot;Celebrimbor&quot; in the account of the first Elessar and the first account of the second Elessar (if it is to be preserved as a variant). For the second account of the second Elessar I suggest emendation of the passage as follows, using italics to indicate words to be removed, and words in square brackets to indicate changes of names:<blockquote>Quote:<hr> And Celebrimbor said: 'Where now is the Stone of Eärendil? And Enerdhil who made it is gone.' ' They have passed over Sea,' said Galadriel, 'with almost all fair things else. But must then Middle-earth fade and perish for ever?'
****'This is its fate, I deem,' said Celebrimbor. 'But you know that I love you (though you turned to Celeborn of the Trees), and for that love I will do what I can, if haply by my art your grief can be lessened.' But he did not say to Galadriel that he himself was of Gondolin long ago, and a friend of Enerdhil, though his friend in most things outrivalled him. Yet if Enerdhil had not been then Celebrimbor would have been more renowned. Therefore he took thought and began a long and delicate labour, and so for Galadriel he made the greatest of his works (save the Three Rings only). And it is said that more subtle and clear was the green gem that he made than that of Enerdhil [Eärendil], but yet its light had less power. For whereas that of Enerdhil [Eärendil] was lit by the Sun in its youth, already many years had passed ere Celebrimbor began his work, and nowhere in Middle-earth was the light as clear as it had been, for though Morgoth had been thrust out into the Void and could not enter again, his far shadow lay upon it.<hr></blockquote>

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