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Re: Celebrimbor

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> Mithadan said:
...and the Elessar could have been a gift to her either in Aman or before she entered Gondolin.<hr></blockquote>

Yes there is the possibility that it was made and given to Idril in Beleriand (Though I think it is unlikely - it is said about the second Elessar that Celebrimbor made that &quot;He bagan a long and delicate labour...&quot; - As stated above I think the timespan is too short)
The Elessar could not have been made in Aman since the Elessar was a stone wherein the light of the Sun should be imprisoned. (You need a Sun raise before you can see the sun)

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> Mithadan said far as chronology is concerned, my recollection is that the Elessar tale and the other writings about Galadriel were among JRRT's last writings about Middle Earth.<hr></blockquote>

Im sorry for my ignorance in failure to understand where you are going with this last remark? Could you explain? <img src=smile.gif ALT="">

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