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Re: a few additions and new layout

Ahhh glad to see the fan-fic didn't die away.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> The enjoyment, I'm good at. I'd be happy to help out with polishing language<hr></blockquote>
AFAIU it's not to be fan-fic, but actual usage of JRRT's own words with no additional material (a re-editing if you like). Please participate at any stage you feel comfortable though.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> I postulate the birth of Eldarion in these days<hr></blockquote>
Ah yes. I had almost forgotten about that. I remember we had an interesting little chat concerning that. <img src=wink.gif ALT="">

I suggest Lindil to inspect the layout, since he seems to have the organization situation in mind for the project.

Many thanks for the input.

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