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Originally Posted by HI
(hum, 2gifts-1punishment=1gift? but that's just a prank, do not heed )
I think there's actually a point there...somewhere.

Originally Posted by HI (again)
Even if Morgoth hoped for the outcome of the Man's Fall when he contrived it to benefit him, and even if it was Morgoth's design to have human far separated from their hrar (assuming he was aware of their fate and thus was planning to disrupt the Plan), he was defeated by the general principle (And thou, Melkor, shalt see...).
Now here's the contradiction on Morgoth's part. I see that as long as Men would stay alive, there is a chance for him to sway them over to his side and keep them from Eru. But why in Arda did he resort to killing Men during the Battles of Beleriand? Seems to me Sauron knew better - he urged the kings of Numenor to sail West to pursue immortality.
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