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First off, let me say I am wholly believing in your theory. However, there was one note in the other thread, and if you would allow me to dredge it up, I wish to question it's proof:
This tells us that Gandalf had made himself wholly subject to the rules of the Istari, and would not break them even if it meant the failure of his mission.
This means, though, that if in the end Gandalf could have dealt the killing blow even though it would break the rules, but end evil, he would have not done so. The rules where first put there to stop the Istari from turning *into* Sauron, or at least becoming akin to Saruman after he is corrupted. I do not think that Gandalf would let the whole mission fail and earth be doomed so that he could stay within the respected bounderies. In a true emergency, I do not think the Valar would mind him breaking it. Or if they did, he would probably be just doomed to stay in ME, and perhaps stripped of his power and immortality, but I think Gandalf would be willing to accept such consquences to save all of ME and Eru's work. He did not bow to evil, so that he would not become evil, but if he had to so that he could stop it, I think he would. This is, however, a judge of Gandalf's character, and I may be wrong. In fact, you could respond his character is so pure because he did not let himself turn to evil. I was just questioning the theory, at any matter, and I hope you can prove me wrong, so I can argue back. I've found it's the best way to learn. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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