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I would personally concede that Melkor and Sauron were *physically* stronger, than Gandalf. The Istari were cloaked in the appearence of old men so that they would know weariness, and anger, and hunger, because this knowledge would help them understand the plight of Elves and Men better, and so better help them fight against evil. *Spiritually*, however, I think Gandalf would be an even match. He did not look into the Palantir because he was afraid of not being strong enought to withstand Sauron- even though he probably could- and ending the mission. He knew his self-impossed limits and had no dillusions of grandeur or wished to oversee the hearts of Elves and Men, and this is what made him such a good man. (Man being used lightly [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img] ) It also made him appear weaker, but that may have just been his point, so that he would not hold as much sway over people as being all-powerful. The reason for the limits being set in the first point.
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