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Fine... one last time. My point originally was, as still is that niether Sauron nor Melkor were particulary strong in one on one confrontations. Melkor started as the strongest, yes, so he did hold off all of the Valar at one point. He then became steadily weaker as his forces increased, to the point where a single elf could injure him. This being said, Sauron did not gain any special strength enhancements from his association with Melkor, mainly because combat was not Melkor's strongpoint to begin with. So you see, I am not contradicting myself, merely conceding a point to make you feel better. Now then, if you wish to continue this debate, although I can't see why you would--considering that you apparantly forgot what the point I was originally trying to make was, you can do so by yourself. Enough of this thread has been wasted in an argument that should never have taken place at all.
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