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You guys aren't getting it. I'm being frank.

This story is all about dreams and people who dream, but here's the critical point:

The dreams are true. They keep revealing reality.

That Roy Edwards is dreaming himself as Raefindan must not lessen in your mind, as reader, the story he is dreaming, because for Roy, his Raefindan is real - within the story.

For the sake of this story:

Do not think this way: "It's a dream therefore it's not real."

Think this way: "It's a dream AND it's real."

Just because one of the characters in the story is dreaming it, doesn't make it less real for ANY of them. I know that's hard to get your mind around, but that's what we're doing in this story. I don't think I understand this incorrectly.

Amroth is dreaming what's really happening to Nimrodel.
Raefindan is dreaming what really happened between Mithrellas and himself as Imrazor.
Roy Edwards is dreaming what really happened to Mellonin, Mellondu, Raefindan, and all the rest of them.

Et cetera.

Get it?
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