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Originally Posted by Kuruharan
However, the ambiguous aspect of this Dwarven descent into evil is that these evil Dwarves apparently still had normal, peaceful, and even cooperative contact with their non-evil kin in the West.
Quick thoughts while I'm halfway thru the first post-- So did Saruman and Denethor even while they used the Palantiri. They had succumbed, but they were able to maintain the appearance of normalcy.

Recall that Gimli and Gloin said, at the Council of Elrond, that emisaries had come from Mordor promising Rings. (Right, both you and Boromir88 bring this up.)

Could some of the same things (appearance of normalcy) be said regarding the original Nazgul (who were once men?) I haven't researched that in any way, just popping a question.

Also-- isn't the phrase "Free Peoples", not "Good Peoples"?
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