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Originally Posted by Numenorean
Sounds very likely Kuru though I would maybe just throw the following statement about Sauron from the Silm. into the mix:
On the strength of that I think Sauron actually had quite a unique insight into the hearts of Dwarves. For although - as it is stated by JRRT - the Dwarves were not completely dominated by their Rings of Power, it would seem that they were all lead to misfortune and evil ends by them; what with four being consumed by Dragons and the remainder being physically retaken, most probably under torture, by Sauron himself.
The interesting thing to note then, is that of the Rings, the ones given to the Dwarves were ultimately least effective. Is this because, as an almost-kinsman, Sauron was blind to the faults that would turn a Dwarf to evil? Or is the simple fact that Sauron's rings were effective at all proof of his insight? Could a former Maia of Oromė have been able to make Rings that would affect the Dwarves in any way?

(Of course, the actual forging of the Seven Rings was done by the Eldar, for the most part, but 'twas certainly Sauron's creation, in regard to the potential to corrupt.)

Was there perhaps, one wonders a connection between Sauron's connection to Aulė and the siding of some of the Dwarves with him during the Last Alliance? We know that the Dwarves adhered strongly to "family". Is it plausible that Sauron played up his connection with Aulė (a sort of High Priest, perhaps?) to draw some of the Dwarves into his service?
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