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Originally Posted by mark12_30
Meanwhile-- Marigold sends Jorje to find-- Raefindan? Erebemlin? Both? Is he a River-Daughter's Doggie now, with some special something? That Jorje, he just has an air about him.

AWOOOOOOO sniff sniff AWOOOOOOOO sniff, galooop galooop galooop AWOOOOOOOO

Look at them floppy ears go!

Edit two: also charmed by the idea of Marigold sending Jorjeafter Erebemlin, at least partly. Can you imagine-- Erebemlin the ancient, stern and sleekly aloof, gradually softened and mellowed by a short-lived drooly wet-nosed dawg?
Hmmm...... I hadn't really thought about why she's sending him, I just want to write him. Marigold is not the selfish type. Whereas she is aware of Erebemlin's feelings toward her, her 'attitude' toward him is 'agapé' rather than 'eros'. ... which does not make union out of the question since the former is a higher love than the latter anyway. Be that as it may, Jorje is being sent with some special assignment, but I don't know what it is yet. Yes, Raefindan sort of became his master, but Jorje's mistress is now Marigold. How will a dog deal wiht a not-his-pack whilst his own 'pack' is at such a great distance, consisting of two? I don't know. For a dog, friends are for life, so Jorje's notion of 'pack' may be inclusive rather than exclusive. I'll keep thunkin'. Frankly, I'd almost like to kill of Ćdegard so I can concentrate on Jorje.
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