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So that's a nudge to get posting then. Okay, here's the schema I made a couple of pages back, which seems to have been approved:

Girls leave Minas Tirith. -DONE

Mellonin's parents report this to the Steward.

Rangers are sent out from city.

Bergil goes south (and, being alone, will eventually overtake Erebemlin et al).

Bergil meets Eledhwen on the road (whither she's wandered a day or two AFTER Erebemlin et al have gone by).

Being a mere five year old, it's impossible to get straight directions out of her.

Deciding the safest thing to do is to take her with him, and leave her in the care of someone further along the way, Bergil takes the girl with him.

Bergil and Eledhwen catch up to the Company.

Raefindan (CHANGE: With the Aeron dream, this'll likely change slightly, but that's probably not going to be my post anyway...) has some sort of weird recognition/deja vu thing regarding Eledhwen. It is decided to take her with them. The Company learns of Bergil's mission- and of the departure of the womenfolk.
Okay, in the post coming up, Bergil shows up in Minas Tirith with a company of Rangers concurrently with Mellonin's parents reporting the disappearance of the girls. Elessar will tell Faramir to make sure something is done. Faramir will order the Rangers out in various directions. Bergil will get the southern road, and will depart.

Sounds good? Excellent, 'cause that's what I'm doing. Won't come tonight, or probably tomorrow either, but I'll try and have it done by the end of the weekend (if not preferrably earlier).
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