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Well, Raefindan did react to it, but he's not the leader of the group, and not given to rebellion or mutiny, whether in spirit, speech, or action. His approach is to wait for events to prove Aeron's dream true, and then see what happens from there.

I wasn't really sure how to post my concern...and was very hesitant to do so...I hope none took it to be critical or anything. =/

I think part of the problem, Immy, is that this story is moving forward at such a tortoise pace that writers may be having a hard time keeping their minds around what the characters would be very, very concerned about. It makes posting in a good storylike way rather difficult.'s rather sad when one grows up...if it's not school if it's a job (sometimes both!), then the busy holiday season coming up.

I'm sorry it wasn't a unicorn. It would have been nice to have unicorns.

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