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I hate to spread the argument even farther, but as yet not metion has been made in this trheread of dwarf morality of the Petty Dwarves. we know that they became as they were due to being cast out of Dwardom for some horrible crime (indiacating that there are obviosly some things a dwarf can do that even other dwarves will condemn as terrible) Whatever this evil act is also appears to effect them physically, sothing that even the corruption of Sauron's rings seems unable to do (and when one cosiders that the elves(who were presuably familar with regualr dwarves by this point) orginally though that the petty dwarves were some kind of wild beast this cahge must have been severe, as severe as the one that turned Smeagol into Gollum. This lead to two big questions 1. What could the Petty dwarves have done so horrible that it could blight them like that and 2. Had there still been any petty dwarves at the time could their decendents have ever redeemed themselves in the eyes of dwarf society.(i.e in the re-unifation of dwarves spoken of would the petty have been allowed?)
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